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April 24, 2024

Thriving in Medicine- Mastering Leadership and Balance

In This Episode

Dike Drummond, MD (TheHappyMD@PW author) brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in preventing physician burnout through innovative strategies and leadership principles to a lively discussion. Dr. Drummond explores the concept of “leadership power tools,” one of the seven healthy habits for doctors to maintain wellbeing and stave off burnout. These tools are not just about managing teams but also about managing oneself in the high-stakes environment of healthcare.

We also look at “servant leadership,” a style that emphasizes the growth, well-being, and empowerment of employees. Dr. Drummond shares insights into how this approach can create an inclusive environment where everyone can thrive authentically. As part of that, we discuss the importance of leading by asking questions and the simple yet powerful act of saying “thank you,” both to individuals and teams. Additionally, our conversation touches on innovative healthcare models like direct primary care and concierge medical practice, which are reshaping patient care and physician job satisfaction.

Join us as Dr. Drummond shares his valuable insights and practical advice on building a fulfilling career in medicine without sacrificing personal health and happiness.

Enjoy listening!

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Dike Drummond MD The Happy MD

Dike Drummond, MD

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